Suite Wellness Hotel Innenarchitektur  köck + bachler


Realization 2017

The Reischl family work together with Interior Designers köck+ Bachler and turn over big plans. A hotel pool with swimming pond, indoor pool, spa lounge, event sauna, relax rooms, an imposing hotel entrance, reception, lounge, hotel shop, bar, TV-lounge, pizza, wine room, smokers lounge, buffet, restaurant, kitchen and luxury suites.

The new hotel in the Bavarian forest is an architectural highlight that shines far over the boarders of Germany. Here the hotel design and hotel interior design is pure living and impresses all guests of the Wellness Reischlhof in Bavaria.

Suite Wellness Hotel Innenarchitektur Tirol
Suite Offenes Feuer Wellness Design
Bad Suite Innenarchitektur
Eingangshalle Rezeption Wellness Hotel Design Innenarchitektur
Lounge Innenarchitektur Tirol
Bar Erholung Auszeit Innenarchitektur
Dinner Gourmet Auszeit Innenarchitektur
Detail Wellness Hotel Innenarchitektur köck + bachler
Detail Licht Lounge Wellness
Speisesaal Dinner Gourmet Innenarchitekt
Speisesaal Dinner Gourmet
Speisesaal Dinner Gourmet Innenarchitekt
Eingangshalle Lounge Wellnesshotel
Rezeption Wellness Hotel Innenarchitektur
Eingangshalle Lounge Wellnesshotel
Indoor Pool Wellness Innenarchitektur köck + bachler