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Including Planning, Project Management, Tender Packaging & Production Monitoring

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By the word “analytics” (from the Greek to “resolve”) we mean performing an investigation of a state of affairs or of an object, whereby this object is in the process of being broken into smaller  factors or components in order to gain a better understanding. This investigation process is called the analysis. (WIKIPEDIA).

With this process the individualisation of each project begins. During this phase the foundations of procedures such as service distances, guest routes, profit margin contribution, GOs and NO GOs, proportional areas and spaces, distinguishing features and many more factors are laid.

Design in general is not the same as Hotel-Design, as least not in this initial phase. Here the economical and logical basics are developed. A different kind of design, more mathematical than emotional but still allowing creativity to run freely – within the framework of the structure of the “Microcosm Hotel”. These are the basics upon which oncoming steps will be taken.

Skizze Interior Design


Now begins the time for free thinking, for pleasure, for seeking, for flashes of inspiration and perhaps rejection; for chaos, freestyle, for emotions, for empathy with guests and their hosts, for the extraordinary, for enthusiasm as well as doubt, for solutions and development … all processes associated with “Hotel-Design is soul”.

Deep down it is already there, it just needs to be developed … individually for each project. Here and now, the soul of business is created, the concept becomes visible.

Done deal – one would think. As soon as one says “yes” to the soul or the concept that has been developed, well, only the mandatory has been settled. It's now once again time to approach the “freestyle” and the same wheel starts to turn. Once again, the free thinking, the joy, seeking, flashes of inspiration and rejection. Taking up and continuing, the chaos, the freestyle, the emotions, the empathy with the guests and their hosts, the extraordinary, the enthusiasm as well as doubt, the solutions and development. 

A beautiful, creative part of the overall process of “Hotel-Design”.

Skizze Interior Design


Back to reality, the “back-breaking” work and preparation for detailed implementation can start.

Again “design and creativity”, but different – from now on nothing is left to chance.

It's now time for ergonomics, detailed processing, choosing suitable materials and sampling, durability, observing rules and regulations, budgeting, handling, wear and tear, practicability, light intensity, availability, time, best available technology, suitable suppliers, access to the international market, gearing the workflow, complete documentation and a great deal of experience in building hotels.